Super Mario World

Super Mario World is a platform game published and developed by Nintendo. The game was created as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) or Super Famicom's pack-in launch title. The game was originally released as the Super Mario Bros. 4 in Japan. Due to this reason, the Super Mario World is subtitled as Super Mario Bros. 4. Japanese game designers Takashi Tezuka and Shigeru Miyamoto directed the game. Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development, managed by Shigeru Miyamoto, handled the development of the game.

In this game, the lead characters of Mario and Luigi has to defeat Browser, the antagonist of the Mario games, in order to save Dinosaur Land. The player has to travel through seven different worlds to restore peace in the Dinosaur Land. Yoshi, Mario's pet dinosaur, made his first appearance in Super Mario World.

Super Mario World This game was successful both critically and commercially. More than 20 million copies of this game were sold worldwide. Super Mario World was re-released on the SNES as a part of Super Mario All-Stars combo in the year 1994. It was released again, with a modified gameplay, on Game Boy Advance for the Super Mario Advance series. This game was re-released for the third time in 2007 for the Virtual Console of Wii in North America. The last released version of this game was a little different from the original one.

Super Mario World Gameplay

In this two dimensional platform game the player has to take control of Mario or Luigi to overcome many obstacles and reach a certain goal. The gameplay is quite similar to those of the earlier versions like the Super Mario Bros. and the Super Mario Bros. 3. But there are many new elements in this game. For example, apart from the jumping and running moves, Mario is able to float by using special items. He can also invent various types of jumps like the spin jump.

The player has to navigate through the two game screens: a level playfield and an over-world map. The over-world map represents the overhead world. There are also many paths and tunnels that lead towards a castle from the entrance to the world. The map allows the players to take various paths that lead towards action panels, ghost houses and fortresses. The ultimate goal is to complete each level by reaching a certain destination in each world. The player will get access to the playfield of a level by moving Mario or Luigi to a fortress or action panel.

The player has to survive numerous enemies and obstacles in each level. He or she has to complete the stages in order to finish different worlds and advance through the over-world map. Mario has to defeat a boss at the final stage of each world. The player fights seven Koopalings who control a fortress in each world. In the 7th world, Mario reaches Browser's castle where he fights Browser. There are many new power-ups in the game of Super Mario World along with the special items like "Fire Flower" and "Super Mushroom" from the earlier games.