Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land is a platform video game. Nintendo developed the game for the handheld game console called Game Boy. Super Mario Land debuted in Japan, along with the handheld game console called Game Boy on 21st April, 1989 and in the US on 31st July, 1989. The game released in Europe on 28th September, 1990. Mario's 1st appearance on Game Boy was marked by Super Mario Land. It was one of the Game Boy's launch titles in Japan, Europe and North America. This game was among the first games to be re-released on the Nintendo 3DS's "Virtual Console".

The game received positive reviews from critics. The Game Boy's initial sales were boosted by this game, as it sold more than 18 million copies all over the world. This game was the first one to be produced by Japanese video game designer Gunpei Yokoi among all the games in this series. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins released in the year 1992 as a sequel of the Super Mario Land. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, released in 1994, was also a continuation of this game.

Super Mario Land Gameplay

The playing method of this game resembles that of the Super Mario Bros. Like all the earlier games, the player has to guide Mario, the protagonist of the game, through various obstacles. Here, Mario has to defeat the "Mysterious Spaceman" called Tatanga to rescue Princess Daisy. But, some areas of this game are quite different from the earlier Mario series video games.

Super Mario Land In the Super Mario Land, Mario generally can destroy his enemies by jumping on top of them. But, there are some rivals who cannot be killed in this way and can even damage Mario if he hops on them. The "Super Mushroom" and other power-ups work in the normal way. Mario can throw flying "Superballs" that rebound off the walls, floors and ceilings after using the Fire Flower. Unlike the traditional fireballs, these Superballs can be used for collecting coins that are not easy to reach otherwise. Unlike other Mario games, Super Mario Land's gameplay does not pause for a short time after Mario collects power-ups or takes damage.

There are two levels in the game where Mario journeys in the submarine called “Marine Pop" and airplane called "Sky Pop" . There are no Super Flowers in these levels as Mario can shoot his enemies constantly. But, can still grow larger by collecting Super Mushrooms and become unbeatable by collecting the Starman. The screen constantly moves forward in these specific levels until reaching the boss and the player cannot stop or slow down the moving screen in any way. The player will lose a life if Mario is crushed by the screen's edge or hit by an enemy. In the Super Mario Land, Mario has to reach a certain point at the finishing of each level by defeating a boss. A "Hard Mode" option is given to the player after he or she finishes the game in the normal mode.