Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart is a popular video game in the Mario cart game series. Nintendo EAD developed this game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES. Super Mario Kart released for the first time in Japan on 27th August and in North America on 1st September, 1992. The game released in Europe on the 21st of January, 1993. Super Mario Kart became the 3rd best selling game among all the Super Nintendo Entertainment System games. The game was re-launched on the Virtual Console of Wii in Japan on 9th June, 2009, in North America on 23rd November, 2009. It was also re-released on this Virtual Console in Europe on 2nd April, 2010.

In this go-cart racing game, the player has to choose from eight different Mario series characters. Every character has some special powers and capabilities. The game can be played both in the single and double player modes. In the 1 player mode the player has to compete against various computer controlled characters riding multi-race cups. There are three difficulty levels in the game.

Super Mario Kart The player can use various speed-boosting and offensive power-ups to gain advantage while racing. In the "Time Trial" mode of the game, the players can alternatively race against time. The game has a multi-player mode where two players can participate in the race together. They can also compete against each other in the "Match Race" mode. There is a third multi-player mode called "Battle Mode" where the players try to beat each other by using destroying balloons and power-ups that surround each kart.

Super Mario Kart had a good reception from critics and game-lovers all over the world. The innovation, presentation and the application of the Mode 7 graphics was praised by experts. According to the Guinness World Records this game is the topmost console game ever created. Various organizations such as Edge, The Age, GameSpot and IGN have rated Super Mario Kart among the all time best video games. This game is often believed to be the creator of the video game sub genre of kart-racing, causing many other game developers to make similar games.

Many sequels of this game have been created for arcades, consoles and handhelds. These sequels also enjoyed both critical and financial success.

Super Mario Kart Gameplay

This kart-racing game features a number of single as well as multiplayer modes. In the game, the player has to choose from several Mario series characters that will drive racing karts through tracks with various obstacles. The viewpoint of the player is from behind the cart he or she is racing with. The main object of this game is to finish the race before the other players or computer-controlled racers. In the "Time Trial" mode the player attempts to complete the circuit in the shortest time possible. In the "Battle Mode", the player has to attack other players and computer-controlled racers in order to win a race.

The race tracks in the game are scattered with special tiles with question marks. The player has to collect these power-up tiles to gain some advantage in the race. The player can throw bananas and shells to other players that make them lose control of their carts. The star power-up can make the player temporarily invincible.

Critics throughout the world have praised the gameplay of the Super Mario Kart. The single mode of the game has been described to be "incredible" while the "Battle Mode" is regarded as quite addictive. According to IGN, the gameplay mechanics of this game defined the entire genre.