Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. is a popular Nintendo platform video game. The game was published as a continuation of Mario Bros, a 1983 video game. In the Super Mario Bros., Mario journeys through Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Toadstool (later renamed as Princess Peach) from Browser, who is the antagonist in the game. This video game remained the all time best-selling game for more than 20 years before it was outsold by "Wii Sports", another Nintendo game. The game sold over 40 million copies throughout the world.

Super Mario Bros. is among the most prominent early successes of Takashi Tezuka and Shigeru Miyamoto. Numerous sequels, clones and spin-offs were originally inspired from this game. The theme music of Super Mario Bros. is composed by Koji Kondo and is very popular and recognized by people who have never even played the game.

The immense success of the game has resulted in its porting to almost all major gaming consoles of Nintendo. Special red variations of Nintendo DSi XL and Wii consoles were released in new Mario themed limited edition packages during the late 2010. This was a part of the game's 25th anniversary celebration.

Super Mario Bros. Gameplay

The player has to guide Mario through various obstacles to save the princess. This game has a two player mode in which a second player can play with Mario's brother Luigi. Luigi help Mario to fulfill his quest in the two player mode. The player's main objective is to travel through Mushroom Kingdom for rescuing Princess Toadstool from Browser, the main antagonist. Mario and Luigi have to survive Bowser’s forces to reach the princess. There are several levels in the game. The player has to reach the flag poles, which mark the end of a level. The Gametrailers website later confirmed the rumor that the player can jump over the pole.

Super Mario Bros There are coins scattered around in the entire game world that have to be collected by the player. The player has to hit the question marked bricks from below to see what special item they contain. These bricks can contain several coins or an object that give special power to Mario. There are also many "secret" (sometimes invisible) bricks containing coins and rare items. Some bricks contain the red-yellow Super Mushroom which makes Mario grow double in size and it require one extra strike for the enemies to kill him. Mario can also break the bricks above him after collecting the Super Mushroom.

The player has certain amount of lives. He or she loses a life when Mario falls in pits or is too much damaged. Running out of time also causes the player to lose a life. Mario can collect additional lives by collecting 100 coins and green-orange '1-Up' mushrooms or using a Koopa shell to defeat several enemies consecutively.

There are eight worlds or stages in the game with each world containing four sub-levels or stages. The game also contains several bonus and secret areas. Mario enters a castle in the last stage of every world where he has to fight Browser or survive one of his traps.