Mario is Missing!

"Mario is Missing!", a geography-based game in the Mario game series, was first released in the year 1992. The Software Toolworks developed this game for PC and Super NES. Radical Entertainment made and developed an NES version of the game in the year 1993. Mindscape published the first 2 versions of "Mario is Missing!" while Nintendo published the NES version. The game is very similar to another Mario game called "Super Mario World".

This is the first game in the series where Mario's brother Luigi is featured as the leading character. Luigi was not featured as the main character in any Mario game after "Mario is Missing!" until "Luigi's Mansion" was released.

Plot of Mario is Missing!

Browser, the main antagonist in many Mario games, builds his castle in Antarctica. He plans to use hair dryers from the mail order company "Hafta Havit" for melting all the ice in Antarctica to flood the earth. The Koopas are sent to various cities throughout the world for collecting and stealing artifacts to fund Browser's operation. Mario travels to Browser's castle along with Luigi and Yoshi to stop him. At first, Luigi does not want to enter the castle. Mario goes in alone and gets kidnapped by Browser. So, Luigi has to enter the castle to rescue Mario.

Mario Is Missing

Mario is Missing! Gameplay

The player has to travel through Bowser's castle by finishing levels in the game. There are many pipes in each floor that transports the player to a city where he or she has to defeat many Koopas. A Koopaling guides each floor. Luigi has to conquer the Koopaling who is guarding the floor in order to progress to the next level.

In "Mario is Missing!", Luigi moves around the cities in a side-scrolling manner and collects various stolen objects (pieces of different famous landmarks) by jumping on top of the Koopas. Each artifact has to be taken to their respective sites after they are collected. The player has to answer 2 questions about each artifact as they are taken back to their locations. Each landmark is reopened once Luigi returns an artifact. During his search for stolen artifacts, Luigi has to determine his own location by using a special device known as the "Globulator" so that he can call Yoshi for assistance when required. Luigi can ride Yoshi and travel at a double speed compared to walking if he can correctly determine his location and call Yoshi to him. Luigi can go back to the castle once he finds the exit pipe. But he needs Yoshi to scare away the Pokey in order to enter the pipe. If he fails, he cannot return to Browser's castle through that particular pipe and has to travel on to another city to find a way to return. The game offers various difficulty levels starting from "preschool" to "adult" (college).