Mario Bros.

Mario Bros. is an arcade video game, developed and published by Nintendo in the year 1983. Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto developed this game. The Super Mario Advance game series commonly featured the Mario Bros. as a minigame along with several other games. This game has been re-released in Japan, Europe, North America and Australia for the Virtual Console service of Wii.

In the game, an Italian-American plumber Mario has to save New York from the strange creatures coming out from the city's sewers. Mario's younger brother Luigi also helps him in the two player mode of the game. The player has to flip the creatures and kick them away in order to exterminate them. The Mario Bros. version for the Nintendo Famicom or NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and the original version received positive reviews from critics.

Mario Bros. Gameplay

The two plumbers Mario and Luigi have to investigate the drainage system of New York to find the strange creatures that are coming out from there. The player has to kill the enemies in all the stages. The mechanics of the game only includes jumping and running. Unlike the future Mario games, Mario cannot jump onto an enemy to squash it if it is not turned on its back in this game. The game board of each stage contains a number of platforms and there are also four pipes located at the four corners of the screen. In the older version of the game, there was a block (the "POW" block) at the center of the game board. A special mechanism featured at both sides of the gameboard in all the phases lets the players to go out of the left side of the screen and re-appear from the right side and vice versa.

The player can gain extra points and play a bonus round by defeating several enemies in a row. He or she has to kill the enemies by flipping them over to kick them away. In order to flip an enemy on its back, the player has to hit the platform directly beneath where they are standing. Then he or she has to quickly reach the upturned enemy and kick it out of the screen. But if too much time passes before the player can reach the upside down creature, it will flip itself upright, change color and move in an increased speed.

Mario Bros Each phase contains a number of enemy creatures. The last enemy immediately changes its color and increases its speed to the maximum once all the other enemies have been exterminated. The three types of enemies in the Mario Bros. are "the Shellcreeper", "the Sidestepper" and the "Fighter Fly". The Shellcreeper simply walks around and requires one hit to flip over, while the player has to hit the Sidestepper twice to turn it upside down. The Fighter Fly jumps around in the game board and can be flipped only when touching the platform. The player can hit the above mentioned "POW" block to flip all the enemies touching the platforms. But this block can only be used 3 times.

The difficulty level of the game increases with the advancement of the game. Fireballs bounce around the gameboard to hit the players. There are also the "Slipices" that can freeze the platform and make Mario and Luigi slip.