Mario is the name of a popular fictional character created for the Nintendo video game franchise known as "Mario". Mario is the protagonist in all the games in this series and is often considered to be the best known character in the history of video game. The character was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, a video game designer from Japan. Since Mario's creation, he has made appearances in over 200 different video games. He has also served as the mascot for Nintendo for quite a long time. The character originally appeared in various platform video games. But at present, the character appears in various types of games such as puzzle, fighting, racing, role-playing, sports and party.

Mario is presented as an Italian-American plumber, living in a place called the Mushroom Kingdom. This short and plump man repeatedly stops Browser, the turtle-like villain in the game, from kidnapping Princess Peach and taking over the kingdom. Other well known enemies of Mario include Wario and Donkey Kong. The American voice actor Charles Martinet has voiced the character of Mario since 1995.

Mario The Mario games have sold a total of over 210 million units, which makes it the all time best-selling game franchise. Mario has made appearances in games from different genres such as the racing game series called "Mario Cart", Sports game series like "Mario Golf" and "Mario Tennis", educational games like "Mario's Time Machine" and "Mario is Missing!" as well as role-playing video games like "Super Mario RPG" and "Paper Mario". Many films, comics, TV shows and various licensed merchandises have been inspired by the character of Mario.

Concept and Creation of Mario

Miyamoto designed this game, during the same time he was developing the Donkey Kong, for attempting to design a bestselling game for Nintendo. The character previously had different names such as "Sheriff". But these names did not attract the game lovers like other popular games like "Pac-Man". Miyamoto originally wanted to design a game using the popular characters of Popeye, Olive Oyl and Bluto. However, he could not get the required license and finally had to make Jumpman (later recognized as Mario), Pauline and Donkey Kong. In the earlier versions of the game, Mario was not able to jump. The player had to try and find his way out of a maze. But later, Miyamoto succeeded to make jump.

Mario Appearances

The arcade game known as Donkey Cong first featured Mario in 1981. He was then known as "Jumpman”. In this game, he is represented as a carpenter with a pet ape called Donkey Cong. The ape escapes from Jumpman and kidnaps his girlfriend (later named Pauline) as Jumpman mistreats him. Now the player has to rescue the girl with Jumpman.

In another Nintendo Entertainment System game "Super Mario Bros." Mario has to rescue Princess Toadstool, who was later renamed as Princess Peach, from King Koopa. In the Super Mario Bros. 2 game, the player was given the option of choosing between Mario, Toad, Luigi and Princess Peach.

The Super Mario Land is another game in which Mario has to defeat Tatanga, an alien. Mario and Luigi quest to save Princess Peach from Browser in the game of Super Mario World.

Super Mario 64 was the first 3D Mario game where Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser again and Mario has to come to her rescue. New Super Mario Bros. was the first 2.5D version of the series.